• Our Vision

  • Gameineer was founded on the belief that for the game industry to be most successful (not just to be successful in the industry), developers and players must work together to bring out the best of both worlds of creation and consumer. To do this though, there needs to be a common platform to share ideas, insights, and experience in addition to providing the necessary feedback to fine tune games that have already been released.

    Being avid gamers ourselves, the founders and staff at Gameineer strive to provide transparency to potential development partners, potential players, and the gaming community as a whole. Part of this transparency includes gathering input that may assist in development - from current trends in the market to player feedback on potential games - and applying it to projects while they are still a work in progress. The most common example we have seen in the gaming community now of this are games that launch as "early access". However, it's been clear over the years that there is no set standard on how developed a game should be before offering it up as purchasable content. We hope to change that.