• Well here we are with summer drawing to a close. This time of year always seems bittersweet. On one hand, you have cooler weather and fall activities to look forward to. On the other though, for many it's a time of going back to school and hours-long[...]

    The other day I finally broke down and gave RimWorld a try. I've watched a stream here and there of the game but felt that I didn't have the time to take on what seemed like quite a complex game. However, I know my wife loves the game and can easily [...]

    Hey all! Hope those of you in the United States are having a wonderful 4th of July with friends and family! Personally glad to be spending some time away from work and home celebrating with extended family. My focus for this month is going to be [...]

    It's that time again folks. The Summer Steam Sale is upon us once more and yet again I'm finding myself unable to keep from adding to my already massive library of games on the popular service. Thankfully this year there appears to be no more "Flash [...]

    The recent announcement of Destiny 2 coming to PC on October 24th whereas the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release will be on September 8th really got me thinking: Should new games for an existing IP that is widely popular be released at the same time [...]