• Summer Steam Sale! Hide your wallets!

  • It’s that time again folks. The Summer Steam Sale is upon us once more and yet again I’m finding myself unable to keep from adding to my already massive library of games on the popular service. Thankfully this year there appears to be no more “Flash Sales” every few hours or even every day. Instead they’ve gone with keeping everything at a discounted price from now until July 5th, and just having the front page of the store show some featured games at the top to highlight some of the more popular games as well as some that probably don’t see much light of day due to poor average reviews or age. The nice thing about this is at least I don’t feel like I have to either check the store constantly throughout the next two weeks or hold out, hoping that the game I added to my wishlist that is already at a good deal goes just pennies lower for a few hours to snag it up. So far I believe I’ve picked up Prison Architect, Shadow Warrior, Saints Row: The Third, and Guts and Glory.

    I’m kind of surprised that Origin isn’t having a sale of their own right now though. Usually whenever Steam has it’s sales events, Origin jumps in with their own sales to get in on the feeding frenzy since the games on their service cannot be purchased through Steam. With that in mind too though, I guess they know they could keep to their own sales schedule without having any competition with Steam. However, a quick visit to Humble Bundle will find several games from all platforms with a slight discount, even if only to a minimal degree. Most of those games are granted via Steam key though.

    Anyway, I hope that I find some time to dig in to each of the games I’ve purchased thus far (I say thus far because I’m sure in the next week I’ll see something else that catches my eye) to make them at least worth what I’ve spent on them. All of them looked appealing in their own regard, from the ridiculousness of Saints Row which I played long ago on the PS3 with Coffinmace, to Shadow Warrior’s single-player story-driven slaughterfest that I’ve heard so many good things about. I’ll likely stream each for a while too just for the kicks of it to kill some time. Hit me up on Twitter if you find some gems of your own on the sale to suggest!

    Until next time,