• Opinion: New Games for All Platforms

  • The recent announcement of Destiny 2 coming to PC on October 24th whereas the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release will be on September 8th really got me thinking: Should new games for an existing IP that is widely popular be released at the same time to all platforms?

    Now I’m not talking about console exclusive games, as there are undoubtedly going to be those from time to time. I’m talking about brand new games, such as Destiny 2, that are already planned to be on multiple platforms. I guess the reason this troubles me most is that with Destiny 2, because it has progression to a degree with its PvP and Strikes/Raids, they put PC players at a disadvantage to those that are willing to give up the money to buy it on console first and then PC later. Since console players will get into the game sooner, they will be able to learn the game hands-on and anything that could be considered to be tracked as progression, they will have a considerable edge at.

    My biggest issue is the fact that Bungie is likely saying “Oh well the PC version was kind of an afterthought so it hasn’t been in development as long and therefore needs more time for release.” Sorry but you can say that all you want but it’s complete bullshit. With how popular the original Destiny was on console, there’s no way someone didn’t chime in and say they should port it to PC with Destiny 2 plenty of time in advance. I mean seriously, you don’t have to create versions of this one for PS3 or Xbox 360, so why is it so hard to have it out on PC at the same time? To be honest, I’m sure I’m not alone in believing that when it boils down to it, it more than likely came down to money. Why release it for PC at the same time when we know so many PC players that have consoles will more than likely buy it for both when the console versions come out first? There are plenty of game development platforms out there, such as Unity, that can easily export to multiple different platforms from the get-go.

    Obviously, my little rant here isn’t going to change the fact that this is how it’s going to be. Nor do I really expect it to. It’s just an opinion, as this is a blog post, of my own as we work to develop our own game(s) in the future. But there lies the difference: we are a small, independent company working on new things that we will have no idea if they will be popular or not. We will have to leave it up to the playerbase to determine if there’s enough demand to port to other platforms, whereas with games like Destiny 2 it has been made quite clear already that there is.

    Take care,