• What i’ve learned so far

  • The idea of starting a game design company seemed like such a great idea when Rekoor and I started talking about it. Having been involved in software development and database design since the mid 90’s I thought how hard could it be? Well the answer to that question is now being answered almost 3 years later..

    First off, if you have a job, a wife, kids, dog etc. You fully understand that you don’t really have a whole hell of a lot of time left to do things. In my case I already owned two companies and was raising a family consisting of my unbelievably supportive wife and 3 kids along with our two dogs and incredibly loud parrot (those of you who have hung out on teamspeak with me know what I mean).

    Secondly, all those amazing videos you see on youtube telling you how easy engines like unity, cryengine, unreal are to use are pretty much full of it. Those videos are done by people who have been developing on those platforms for years, a large number of them have never published a game but have spent years playing around and becoming proficient. There are alot of software platforms and ads on the internet that tell you they can help you design a game with almost no coding skills at all along with a large array of mostly false claims as to their usefulness.

    Having learned the hard way there are really no shortcuts to releasing something worthwhile I have decided to focus my further adventures in game design into the Gameineer website in order to try and help bridge the perceived gap between gamers and developer. It’s my hope that by regularly documenting my journey I can help others avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve run into at the same time giving other gamers and developers a friendly environment to voice their experiences as well.

    So, please be patient as we ramp things up around here and keep an eye out for more posts about my adventures in the world of insanity and sleep deprivation that is being a game developer.